Monday, August 24, 2009

New Army

I used to own a pretty sizeable marine force. I was basing them off of the Raptors, a sub-chapter of the Raven Gaurd. Well, I had my marines for about 15 years and decided to retire them in favor of BOTH Imperial Gaurd and Orks... With the impending Space Wolve codex on the horizon I decided that I REALLY REALLY wanted to build that army. Along with my other two armies it was another that I had wanted to build long ago but just never did. After seeing a couple pictures of what we'll be able to build with the new release plastics I decided I'd go for this army... finally!

So, a few days ago I picked up a box of the Blood Claws that one of my local game stores had. Just finally got to start working on it today. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties I can't take and post any pictures just yet. I need to find the cable for my camera to connect it to my computer. Once I find this in one of the many boxes still packed from my move 2 months ago, I'll be able to get some stuff up for you all to see.

For now, know that I've got the box of Blood Claws about half way assembled using all of the wolf breast plates in the box and will be modeling anything I can onto these guys to make sure it's known that they are true Space Wolves. More later, for now, it's bed time.


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